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Re: Glocal Language Discussion

I just received message #1

>>As described in previous e-mail communications, the mailing list for the discussion GLOCAL LANGUAGES will now begin on issues of language and  politics. The discussion is intended to last about 8 weeks. ......[clip] .. part of my Venice Biennale  project...

and #2 (Claudia Brugman's response):
>>I'd like to point out that monolingualism is not a result of stupidity. Nor is multilingualism a sign of intelligence....

For me that was not a good start of 8 weeks/ an internet dicsussion,
since I apparently didn't receive an introduction to the subject, what
languages and what politics we are asked to address, and what this got
to do with the Venice Biennale, and what the intention or plan of the
projected archive is (a book on problems of language?)...   

Claudia's sober and intelligent response to the T-Shirt nonsense
made me curious, however.  is the discussion to be focused on California
legislation or issues of bilingual education, multilingualism in
general, or on "languages"  in a wider sense?

I had initially mentioned to Rainer that I am not a linguist but a
choreographer/filmmaker, interested in "languages" not merely
verbal/written but what I consider equally important transcultural
languages and codes of physical cultures, media, popular cultures,
music, etc.
I never received a reponse as to whether my suggestion was of interest
to anyone.

Who is partaking in this discussion, may I ask?

Johannes Birringer
Artistic Director, AlienNation Co.
Houston, Texas