Language and Politics
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This web-site combines a variety of textual, visual and audio-visual elements that reflect my learning of foreign languages as art practice. Basic Linguistics is a text that will inform you more on these studying activities and it's context.

Glocal Languages is a discussion on issues of language and politics. The discussion is intended to last about 8 weeks or longer if there is continued interest. If you want to participate in this mailing list, please contact

This web site is part of my project at the Austrian Pavilion for the 1999 Venice Biennial.

I would like to thank all my numerous teachers of Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Greek, Korean and Russian. Many thanks also to Momoyo Torimitsu, Stephan Pascher, Manuel Schilcher, Devon Dikeou, Cunst & Co, CG-Productions, The Thing New York (, Peter Weibel the curator of the Austrian Pavilion and many more for their help and assistence.

Rainer Ganahl, New York, May 1999

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