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mono-lingualism is curable

Robert Phillipson author of Linguistic Imperialism, (1992) wrote me in an 
e-mail the following: 


My wife (Tove Skutnabb-Kangas) has told me that in bilingual 
education circles in California a popular T-shirt proclaimed "blessed 
with bilingual brains". And once when she was lecturing about the 
joys of multilingualism, some participants went out and had a T-shirt 
made for her with the inscirption "I do not suffer from monolingual 
stupidity". Likewise the phrase "monolingualism is curable" is also 
becoming popular.


I see this little story as significant in the struggle over linguistic 
pluralism.  Bi-lingual and multi-lingual situations are rather the norm 
and not the exception around the world. In fact a mono-lingual context is 
rather the result of severe linguistic politics and a part of European's 

I am very curious to read more about this fact.